Vitenskapelig foredrag på konferanse på Cuba

Fremlegg av paper på fagkonferanse
2. int. Congreso Verniano
Havana, Cuba 27 – 31 juni 2017
by Per Johan Moe.
Jules Verne and ‘the country of Odin, Thor and Frey’  [1]
– References and literary allusions to Norwegian, or other Nordic scholars and explorers, in selected Verne novels.

Verne’s novels, a unique combination of fiction and didactical elements, contain many references to historical figures. Comments on Nordic culture and science was a part of Verne’s writing from early on. The purpose of this paper is to put some of these references into context. In 1861 (JM),Gods in Norse mythology appear, from Edda, by historian Snorre Sturlason – also the author of Heimskringla (Norwegian king’s saga), mentioned in VC (1864) shortly after. Several Norwegian sources, related to both science and myths, are given in ‘20000 Leagues’(1870). While discussing certain phenomena, Verne refers to old texts by Pontoppidan and Egede. In later novels, also contemporary scholars appear.
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