Le Tour du monde – in Norwegian, 18.11.2022

In mid. November 2022, The Magazine of the North American Jules Verne Society displays on the front page, a Norwegian 1919-edition of Verne’s «Jorden rundt paa 80 dager» [Around the world in eighty days]. This translation came out shortly after the end of the union-years in Scandinavia , therefore being one of the first editions not written in the Danish language.

Then, as my copy arrives the mailbox – almost simultaneously, on the internet….

At the same time, JV forum members, Terry Harpold [USA] and Garmt de Vries-Uiterweerd [Netherlands] publish on Blogspot their 47th installment of their 80 day tour of Google translations – like the childrens’ game of ‘Chinese whispers’ – by nov. 17 arriving at letter ‘N’:
«Le Tour du numéro 7 de Saville-row en 80 traductions»
[visit: https://80traductions.blogspot.com/
–  «in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Phileas Fogg’s tour of the world,
and in celebration of the rich diversity in languages spoken along the path of his trip and beyond, we have selected the first chapter of Le Tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours, in which Fogg and his manservant Passepartout are introduced to the reader and the voyage that the novel’s title promises is just about to begin. Using Google Translate, we will run the text of the chapter through a series of successive machine translation.»

BUT unfortunately, the 80 languages available on the G.translation -list did not include Norwegian…

So, therefore here it is  😉
Verne’s first page of ‘Around the world’ – through the Google machine, ‘translated’ into Norwegian, can now be studied on subpage
[Last installment was, 17 November, 2022, Day 47: From Marathi to Nepali… to French]

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